AI NEWS - 31/10/2019

10 Leading Tech Companies That Already Use AI Technology

There’s always been a strong feeling about Artificial Intelligence as something from the far future that would bring a drastic change in our everyday life, and even take control of it. This change may even affect online sports betting Canada 2020. But no matter if you are aware of the fact or not — AI is an integral part of our present. 

As might be expected, advanced technology has found its pioneering usage with the world’s leading tech companies. Here are the ten leading names that adopted AI, and the examples of how they did it.

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is undoubtedly the largest online retailer in the world. Chinese tech giant uses AI to facilitate everyday operations like automatic generating descriptions for millions of products or predicting customers’ desires.

Alibaba Cloud is a project that uses AI algorithms to advance agriculture, reduce costs, and increase crop yield. 

Another project called Smart City is a vehicle-tracking system based on AI that prevents traffic jams.


If you’ve been wondering how Amazon manages to suggest products you just started thinking about, the answer is in AI predictive analytics. But even more, with the new Amazon Go app, you will be able to shop at no-register stores. AI will recognize the products you select and charge them directly from your account.


Deep Learning is a core of Facebook’s AI engine that surveys millions of posts. DeepText recognizes spammy content in different languages and censors it. DeepFace is a tool for photo scanning and facial recognition, also found on AI.


Judging by the company’s vision, Microsoft deserves the first place for adopting AI. The company strives to bring advanced technology into every segment of its products and, today, it is one of the most important vendors for AIaaS (AI as a Service).


All Apple’s devices, like iPhone, iPod, and Apple Watches, are supported by the power of AI. It has the task of improving current apps by implementing facial recognition, predictive analytics, smart assistant Siri, and more.


Google and its parent company Alphabet developed Waymo, a revolutionary project that aims to drive cars by using AI autopilots that have already experienced their first test drives. It can significantly affect safe vehicle operation and reduce the number of accidents.


Chinese network Baidu has developed the DeepVoice, app that can clone the voice in just 3 seconds. With a similar algorithm, the company made audiobooks without a previously recorded voice.

Shwangtianyuan [CC BY-SA (]


It is a pioneer in AI development. Their earlier projects proved how artificial intelligence could master games like chess and outsmart humans. The latest venture, Debater, uses AI to participate in the debate and make realistic arguments.


Tencent owns the WeChat app that has an incredible number of users — one billion. It uses AI for collecting customer data, but also for gaming, payments, cloud storage, live streaming, sports, entertainment, and more.

A revolutionary company aims for a fully automated system. It already has non-personal warehouses and makes deliveries by drones. They aspire to become the bearers of the next tech revolution by basing their entire business on AI.

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