Sitting robotModern science and industry are driven by our ability to find and exploit patterns. Online shops, such as Amazon.com, can reliably recommend products based on patterns discovered in the database of past translactions. Biologists can discover genes much in the same way, by automatically comparing genomics sequences with all known sequences. Google can retrieve webpages that are relevant using similar ideas. The list goes on.

The technology behind these and other stories is called Pattern Analysis, and is the result of convergence between statistics, computer science and artificial intelligence.

Researchers in Pattern Analysis develop mathematical models of how computers detect patterns in data, and turn them into efficient software that can learn from experience, spot anomalies, generalise from examples.

This is how - among other things - computers can now recognize handwritten text, or speech, and how astronomers can perform automatically surveys of the night sky.

The underlying theory, the engineering principles, and the applications of this crucial technology are the focus of this research network.

In this section you can find Science Articles that exemplify what we do. More technical accounts of our work can be seen in Videolectures and E-prints while specific results that are relevant to industry can be seen in Industry.