Postdoctoral positions in Computer Science in Helsinki, Finland

Postdoctoral positions in Computer Science in Helsinki, Finland

Posted by Rebecca Martin on Wed, 04/09/2013 - 09:15

Application deadline Sept 30, 2013, 3:00 p.m. EEST

Topics include: Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Human-Computer Interaction, Information retrieval, Logic, Machine Learning, Networks, Statistical Data Analysis, etc.

Jobs are available at:
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, Aalto Univ and Univ Helsinki; Dept Computer Science, Univ Helsinki; Dept Information and Computer Science, Aalto Univ; Dept Computer Science and Engineering, Aalto Univ; Dept Mathematics and Statistics, Univ Helsinki.

Why Helsinki? The collaborating Aalto University and University of Helsinki form a leading hub of computer science and modelling.
Helsinki region is a safe, pleasant and attractive place to live in, with well-functioning services such as public transport etc. Finland has a comprehensive social security and health care system, including exceptionally good parental leaves, and children's day care services.

Positions are offered in:

Algorithm engineering (String Algorithms group) Algorithmic bioinformatics (Genome-Scale Algorithmics group) Automated reasoning and search, especially propositional logic (Computational Logic group) Computational astrophysics and/or data analysis (Computational Methods and Data Analysis for Astrophysics group) Computational biology and statistical methods in bioinformatics (Computational Systems Biology group) Computational creativity and data mining (Discovery group) Dynamic and large-scale networked systems (Data Communications Software group) Intelligent multimodal information access (Content-Based Image and Information Retrieval Group) Machine learning and neuroscience (Statistical Machine Learning group) Machine learning for structured data (Kernel Machines, Pattern Analysis and Computational Biology group) Machine learning methods for infectious disease epidemiology (Bayesian Statistics Group) Probabilistic modeling and machine learning (Complex Systems Computation group) Statistical machine learning (Statistical Machine Learning group) Analysing ubiquitous sensor data (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Interactive visualization (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Affective computing and BCI (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Intelligent user interfaces and/or recommender systems (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Information retrieval (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Machine learning and data analysis, especially information retrieval, HCI, text and context data (HIIT-Wide Focus Area) Probabilistic modeling and data analysis for bioinformatics (HIIT-Wide Focus Area)