EVERYDAY LIFE - 29/03/2020

Augmented Human Intelligence

We developed artificial intelligence according to our own, only with much greater capacity and power that drives it. Someday, AI will transcend the human mind, which has probably been the primary purpose of all the efforts since it was conceived more than sixty years ago. 

AI Technology Can Augment Human Intelligence

As we try to understand how machine learning can progress to such an extent, we should also accept the fact that new technology is changing us as much as we change and improve it. 

There is a logical fear that, in a world where AI takes over a vast number of functions and daily tasks humans used to do, our characteristics like intuition, creativity or curiosity could slowly begin to fade. It would be almost unthinkable, as these human qualities have always led us to the most significant and revolutionary changes.

However, by learning from the historical facts, we know that society has already survived several technological milestones that did not take away its human qualities but only made our life better. We live in an “information age,” and it would be illogical even to consider the possibility that our minds have nothing more to process. There is much room to evolve and augment our intelligence.

AI Encourages Creativity

Even if our age is described as an age of information, there is a particular need to highlight AI’s creativity as more than visible quality and perhaps the main principle at the moment. 

Job automation requires productive human support, practical problem solving and social collaboration. Such an environment demands the full attention of both Augmented Intelligence and AI to perform the creative transformation.

Technology Enhances Innovation

AI certainly brings many innovations in all fields of human life and changes both the social and the working climate. We will soon have self-driving cars, a food-preparation machine and a robot that will do all the hard work. 

However, automation does not mean that a person will be excluded from almost every segment of their life. Technological changes bring new opportunities, modern jobs, and projects that still need to be developed. And in industries like medicine, engineering, entertainment, transportation, design, and more, human performance and expertise are highly desired qualities.

AI Redesigns Education

Bringing AI into our jobs and automatization of many routine-operating working places changes the structure of skilled labor demands among young people. New opportunities for employment and careers in developing innovative areas have a significant impact on educational orientation.

The most challenging characteristics of the new era are its volatility and the demand for higher levels of education, optimization of the workforce and increase of intellect.

To Conclude

It seems that humans haven’t finished with their contribution to the world. There are many more fields where we must make great efforts to overcome all the difficulties. Technologies like AI will not humble the human mind but only increase the stake, and it is in human nature to accept the challenge and advance to the Augmented intelligence level.

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