AI NEWS - 26/02/2024

ChatGPT vs. Microsoft Copilot: Unraveling the Battle of AI Chatbots

Anyone who has been online in the past few years will have heard of today’s topic: the AI Chatbots. They’ve risen to popularity in the last year and for all the right reasons. We can use them to find the perfect recipes, learn how to use any tool we’d like to use, and find the top guides for all of the things we like (from guides to what’s trending, to even guides like the Coral Poker Review) as it crawls the SERP to find the creme of the crop for all of us! So, it’s pretty understandable why everyone likes them. 

In the ever-expanding realm of artificial intelligence, two chatbots have emerged as titans: ChatGPT and Copilot. Both wield the power of OpenAI’s large language model (LLM), but which one should you choose for your AI endeavours? 

Let’s dive into the ring and witness this clash of digital minds.

The Showdown

ChatGPT: The Old Guard

ChatGPT, the seasoned veteran, relies on the GPT 3.5 (and 4) – turbo model. Its familiarity and maturity make it a reliable companion for various tasks. However, it lacks the bells and whistles of its younger counterpart.

Copilot: The New Kid on the Block

Copilot, sporting the GPT-4 model, is the fresh face in town. It’s like ChatGPT’s rebellious sibling, pushing boundaries and experimenting with new tricks. Copilot’s integration with applications like Edge and Skype gives it an edge (pun intended) in versatility.

Usability and Access

Copilot: The VIP

You’ll find it integrated into Microsoft’s ecosystem—a sidebar in Edge, a chatbot in Skype, and even the mobile app. However, beware: Copilot’s web version plays favourites with Microsoft Edge.

ChatGPT: The Nomad

ChatGPT, roams freely on the web and can be downloaded as an app. Its interface is accessible via any browser, making it a versatile companion for your devices.

Factual Accuracy

ChatGPT: The Time Traveler

ChatGPT’s knowledge pool (depends on your GPT version, though) varies, but it’s still not up-to-date. It lacks real-time web indexing but promises future plugins. The mystery shrouding its data collection and accuracy testing adds an enigmatic flair.

Copilot: The Web Whisperer

Copilot, too, dances to the GPT tune, but it prefers results from the web over training data. Its real-time web insights give it an edge in factual accuracy. Imagine it as a librarian with a penchant for online research.

Creative Writing Skills

ChatGPT: The Prodigy

ChatGPT’s expansive character limit allows it to digest longer code blocks and hefty samples. It’s the poet who thrives on complexity, crafting intricate responses.

Copilot: The Concise Artisan

Copilot is a minimalist artist. It distils information into succinct bursts, like a bonsai tree pruned to perfection.

Choose Your Side

In this AI showdown, both contenders have their merits. If you seek a sophisticated research tool, Copilot awaits with its web integration and in-depth insights. But if you crave an AI-powered personal assistant, ChatGPT shines with its plugins and adaptability.

So, dear reader, pick your champion wisely. Whether you’re team ChatGPT or team Copilot, remember: the future of chatbots is as unpredictable as a quantum coin toss.

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