EVERYDAY LIFE - 30/01/2021

Exercising During the Pandemic – Tips and Tricks

COVID-19 pandemic can be a major detriment to our health, and for some groups of citizens, the outcomes were fatal. However, the methods used to prevent the further spread of the virus weren’t exactly healthy either.

It’s not that any harm can come to us in the lockdown, but being stuck at home all of a sudden and pressured not to leave can have both physical and especially mental consequences. 

People weren’t even allowed to attend the funerals, which denies them a sort of mental closure they need to move on.

Also, lack of physical activity has negative effects on our bodies. To that end, the best you can do is have workout or exercise sessions that can help you get through the day, and these are also good for your health. 


If you are in isolation then chances are you are doing a whole lot of sitting at the desk. This is because you can’t go anywhere and because you are working from home. As a result, our muscles get lazy, and that’s never good.

First, you need to remember to stand up every now and then, do some stretching, and drink water. 

Then you could really benefit from a 20-30 min Yoga exercise. This will allow your muscles to retain their elasticity and your circulation will improve. This means your body is carrying oxygen to your brain and other cells more efficiently, which affects how you feel overall. 


You are going to feel overwhelmed and maybe even slightly panicked at times, so you need some exercise to help you calm down. Meditation can help you by improving your overall focus and getting you into a healthier mindset. There are tons of audio or video files that you can find online to help you meditate a calm down. This is also used in conjunction with Yoga, so feel free to combine these two. 

Running on Treadmill or Riding  a Bike

You also need some sort of cardio exercise every now and again. You need to sweat more and make sure your muscles are active. This will also cause your body to hydrate more frequently, and thus allowing you to filter out water. Meaning you will feel less bloated and once again it will help your circulation and metabolism. This is good for both mental and physical health. Good cardio at home can be riding the stationary bicycle or simply running on a treadmill. There are also exercises you can do that involve jumping and just moving about swiftly like shadow boxing that will also help you sweat. 


These are just a few suggestions, in all honesty, all sorts of physical exercise is good. If you want to do push-ups and crunches it will benefit you. Your diet is also important because your workout has a better effect, and because it keeps your body healthy. People who are obese are more likely to experience severe symptoms, so losing weight will help you stay vigilant against potential COVID infection. 

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