AI NEWS - 28/05/2020

How Is Opyl Limited Using AI in the Healthcare Sector?

Opyl Limited is a Melbourne-based tech company, formerly known as ShereRoot Limited. The company operates with Saas platforms for social media and digital marketing consulting services. 

In March 2019, one of the company’s co-founders Michelle Gallaher became the new CEO. The executive changed the existing structural strategy by turning the focus on digital and AI-based tools for the global healthcare sector. 

Opyl Limited: More Focus On Digital Healthcare

The company aims, with more generated data, to be able to get a clear picture of every patient’s experience and their real-life confrontation with things like illnesses, disorders, and different health conditions.

The redesigned business policy represents a fresh brand and a different company name, Opyl Limited. A new brand will seek to enter the global digital healthcare industry and the growing AI market as soon as possible by applying the latest technology and its vast expertise.

 In association with design studio Malt Creative from Melbourne, they develop unique digital data technology that will personalize the experience of each individual and contribute to the improvement of the healthcare system.

How Does the Opyl Plan To Use AI in Healthcare?

The first example of AI practice refers to its application in collecting the numerous amounts of clinical data and information from patients’ lives. Healthcare must find the best way to use the continuous flow of such information that is daily and ever-increasing.

Clinical research programs have rarely used similar tools for analytics. However, if patients voluntarily share their experience and health data on social networks, Opyl could offer AI to track such posts and analyze them to obtain reliable information significant to the industry.

Data Technology Can Transform Healthcare

The Head of the company Michelle Gallaher firmly believes that, by collecting personal experiences, it’s possible to create a bigger picture of the whole system, with particular focus on significant shortcomings, risks, and potential areas where technology can grow even more.

It would be possible to predict infectious diseases or educate the population more about areas where there is a lack of knowledge, improve clinical trials and, finally, find new ways to engage patients more.

Gallaher also pointed out that patients should have greater control over their data, and new AI technology will help by making them the most valuable partners for the system.

Healthcare as a Pioneering AI Sector

Artificial intelligence is an advanced technology, increasingly widespread in many industries, businesses, and society in global. Healthcare is one of the pioneering areas where AI started to serve in practice. New technology has the potential to make accurate diagnoses, prevent health catastrophes, and even cure the most dangerous diseases.

But it can also change many aspects of the industry with better interaction between healthcare providers and patients. It can target existing issues that cause the malfunction of the system, and enormous losses of both precious time and money. Introducing customer experience can improve the quality of services, contribute to technology development, and reduce healthcare costs.

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