AI NEWS - 30/01/2020

Is Artificial Stupidity Real?

Intelligence is an essential human characteristic. A person can be more or less smart, which theoretically depends on their coefficient of intelligence. However, if someone is less smart, does it mean that such a person necessarily possesses a lower IQ?

Being Unintelligent Or Being Stupid 

The question is — how is intelligence related to stupidity? Are these two natural phenomena just different levels of human IQ, or they have a yin-yang relationship where they complement each other?

With Artificial Intelligence Comes Artificial Stupidity

If we accept the fact that stupidity is an inseparable companion to intelligence in real life, then we cannot separate those two phenomena in the computer world either. Therefore, we assume that Artificial Intelligence must have an equivalent portion of Artificial Stupidity.

AI should someday exceed human intelligence. So far, it’s not even close to that. Many believe that the “smart inserting” of Artificial Stupidity in AI would help it reach wanted power. However, instead of looking at the theoretical Stupidity in the future, it might be wiser to focus on the one that AI is facing in real-time.

AI’s Failure in Designed Jobs

Initially, the term “Stupidity” referred to any AI bot that would fail to perform a given task. Failures like this are not a terrible thing in a test environment. Still, when its job is to provide an accurate medical diagnosis or operate a self-driving car, this failure could have some drastic consequences.

“Dumbed-Down” AI

This aspect refers to errors that are intentionally inserted in AI, such as misspellings or incorrect grammar, to make AI more “human-like.” 

A more person-like bot may contribute to better customer interaction; however, when it comes to internet scams like bot chatting, it would be harder for victims of fake dating to notice when they are misled.

AI Inabilities

Even if machines could simulate human behavior and make us believe that we have interaction with the real person, AI Stupidity has certain limitations in terms of deep understanding. On the other hand, humans have common sense and value moral and ethical codes.

Unfortunately, AI cannot distinguish right from wrong but will always follow the instructions. In the hands of malicious people, AI can serve to harm.


Human intelligence is not just a coefficient. It consists of a set of experiences, consciousness, learning from own mistakes and intuition. Regarding all those facts, AI of today is closer to Stupidity than to Intelligence. However, technology is evolving and, eventually, it will become independent of its creators — humans. Perhaps, it might even succeed to outsmart them.

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