EVERYDAY LIFE - 20/04/2020

VA Is Establishing the National Artificial Intelligence Institute to Help Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) could be given a unique opportunity to find itself among the leading organizations in the country that have adopted Artificial Intelligence in their operations.

Establishing of NAII

The association’s Office of Research and Development made a great partnership with the Center for Strategic Partnerships with the intention to develop a new organization — the National Artificial Intelligence Institute (NAII). The initiative will incorporate the best technological tools to improve the quality of life and health of people who gave their contribution to the country during the war. 

NAII will work with a wide range of partners from academic circles, different industries, government and nonprofit organizations to develop a more functional AI system that can help veterans. Also, they announced close collaboration with the American AI Initiative and the National AI R&D Strategic Plan, hoping to contribute to the global development of advanced technology.

NAII Contribution To Veterans and Technology Development

The Institute could greatly assist with the introduction of AI technology into the daily lives of veterans and their families. At the same time, the NIIA can provide meaningful information and feedback about the practice of AI and its impact on people. Some of NAII’s biggest tasks can be reflected in the following:

-The AI system should support veterans, their families and caregivers, and help in creating a better environment for them. 

-AI will contribute to better healthcare by introducing specific areas of AI that are able to maintain the privacy of treatment and make more significant success at multiple levels.

-NAII announced the AI Tech Sprint handbook that will give industries, scientists, government agencies, and other partners more opportunities to come up with better solutions.

-With the implementation of AI into existing projects, it is possible to re-evaluate resources and capabilities and find the best solutions to achieve more successful project realization.

-The institute will provide an opportunity for VA to advance its R&D field by bringing in a new generation of scientists and professionals who will introduce a better health treatment required by veterans.

-AI should significantly facilitate the lives of those undergoing severe health and psychological changes after service. Veterans need help that is always available, with reduced waiting times and adequate response. The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is making every effort to provide all.

An innovative initiative like the NAII is not the only successful endeavor of VA. In September, they announced the opening of The National Center for Collaborative Healthcare Innovation (NCCHI) in California that will address predictive analytics as potential assistance for veterans.

Organizations such as the VA have already been making giant steps toward changing their own environment and making a considerable contribution to the development of technology itself.

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