Science Articles

Science Articles

The Desktop Doctor

DoctorHundreds of years of medical experience, its role is to brainstorm with human doctors and help them look at all possibilities when diagnosing illnesses. It is Promedas, the desktop doctor...more

The Mind Reading Wizards

Telepathy was once nothing more than a parlour trick played by illusionists to entertain us. Now something resembling telepathy is becoming a reliable reality. Even if you control every movement of your muscles or flicker of your eyes, you will never hide your brain activity. The magic word is not abracadabra, but Hex-o-Spell!... more

Letting Stones Go Unturned

ImageWeiqi, Baduk or simply, Go. Over two thousand years old, this challenging game of strategy and tactics has taught warriors, monks and intellectuals to focus, concentrate and plan. But a programme is beginning to change our views of what is possible. In computer competitions this multi-armed bandit has stolen first prize more often than any other. It's MoGo, or Monte Carlo Go...more

What Are You Looking At?

You're waiting at the station for your train and you glance at the electronic poster next to you. It notices that you're looking at it, and from your gaze it works out what you would most like to see. It's as though it's reading your mind - but really it's reading your eyes...more