Latest Vacancies (continued)

Latest Vacancies (continued)


Fully funded postdoctoral and PhD positions in Machine Learning and Computational Biology
Added 21 May 2010

Postdoctoral Fellows for the Technion Machine Learning Center
Added 16 May 2010

Pre-doctoral position in Multimodal Interaction, Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision and Human Language Technology
Added 10 May 2010

Xerox - Two Research Scientists - Machine Learning and Machine Translation
Added 7 May 2010

Post-Doctoral Opportunities in Computational Statistics
Added 2 May 2010

Open Postdoc position in Machine Learning in Paris
Added 4 May 2010

Research software engineer on face recognition
Added 27 April 2010

Postdoc position in Edinburgh - Machine Learning and Systems Biology
Added 19 April 2010

(French speaking) Position opening in Paris
Added 19 April 2010

Positions for 2 PhD researchers or Postdocs in Computational Linguistics
Added 15 April 2010

PhD Position on Multimodal Semantic Spaces Available
Added 14 April 2010

Funded PhD position in Information Retrieval and Social Networks - University of Saint-Étienne, France
Added 7 April 2010

Open Postdoc position in Machine Learning
Added 6 April 2010

Funded PhD position in Data Mining and e-health -- University of Saint-Etienne, France (+ Univ of Tokyo)
Added 2 April 2010

2 Job offers at the Berlin BCI group
Added 1 April 2010

PDRA in Single Molecule Statistical Signal Processing
Added 26 March 2010

Machine Learning at Nokia Berlin
Added 23 March 2010

Sony and Oxford Brookes Research Fellow, computer vision for computer games
Added 11 March 2010

PhD position in Statistical Natural Language Processing
Added 10 March 2010

Ph.D. position INRIA Lille
Added 10 March 2010

Postdoc Position in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Added 1 March 2010

Faculty position in statistical learning at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Lille III, France
Added 24 February 2010

Postdoctoral position at IDIAP (CH)
Added 22 February 2010

Internship in the area of Reinforcement Learning at INRIA Lille - Team SequeL, France
Added 22 February 2010

call for Ph.D.: 'Identification of Medical Endocrine Systems'
Added 15 February 2010

Two Postdoc Positions: Vision group at Xerox Research Centre Europe
Added 8 February 2010

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT: Postdoc and senior researcher positions
Added 29 January 2010

Post-doctoral position in Machine Learning at LIF-Marseille, France
Added 29 January 2010

Postdoctoral position available: machine learning/cancer bioinformatics
Added 26 January 2010

COGS ERC grant candidate selection panel
Added 26 January 2010

PhD (and postdoc) opportunities in Bristol
Added 21 January 2010

PhD Studentship in Computational Ecology
Added 18 January 2010

Newton International Fellowship Scheme - Deadline 8 February 2010
Added 14 January 2010

Postdoctoral Position, CRAN, France
Added 13 January 2010

Post-doc Position - Intelligent Systems Laboratory, Bristol
Added 12 January 2010

TWO Postdoctoral Fellowships in ML for Robotics and Adaptive Control @ Edinburgh, UK
Added 7 January 2010

Academic position in Computational Statistics
Added 7 January 2010

Two positions at the Australian National University
Added 4 January 2010

PhD student for computational genetics
Added 4 January 2010

2 inderdiscplinary postdoc positions in London
Added 23 December 2009

2-year postdoc in Machine Learning and Reverse-Modeling of biological networks (Evry, near Paris, France)
Added 18 December 2009

Research Readership in Computer Science
Added 9 December 2009

Engineer and Post-doc positions - 3D avatar for Image Registration
Added 5 December 2009

Postdoc positions in SMT and/or CLIR, Xerox Research Centre Europe
Added 3 December 2009

Postdoctoral position in machine learning, INRIA - Ecole Normale Superieure
Added 26 November 2009

4-year PhD studentships: Statistical Mechanics approaches to Systems Biology
Added 16 November 2009

Job openings at Statistical Lab in Cambridge, UK
Added 11 November 2009

Postdoc in Feature Selection / Ensemble Learning at Manchester
Added 5 November 2009

PhD Studentships at Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit
Added 2 November 2009

Reader: Oxford Brookes Computer Science £46,509 rising annually to £52,346
Added 29 October 2009

Faculty Position in Barcelona
Added 29 October 2009

MASH: Phd and post-doc positions in machine learning
Added 29 October 2009

Open PhD positions in Tuebingen, Germany
Added 20 October 2009

Open PhD/Post-doc positions ErcStG MiGraNT project
Added 17 August 2009

PhD opportunities in bioinformatics and biomathematics
Added 17 August 2009

2 Lecturerships in Sheffield, UK
Added 17 August 2009

Open Position : Postdoc in Computational Biology, Cambridge, UK
Added 7 August 2009

Postdoc and PhD positions in Machine Learning with applications to Proactive Information Retrieval and Bioinformatics
Added 8 July 2009

Machine Learning opportunity with Nokia
Added 25 June 2009

Postdoctoral position in Machine Learning/Computational Biology in Tübingen, Germany
Added 24 June 2009

PhD thesis grant: machine learning and multimodal data
Added 23 June 2009

Funded PhD position in machine learning at the University of Technology of Compiègne (France)
Added 12 June 2009

Post doctoral position in Machine Learning/Cognitive Vision/CBIR
Added 12 June 2009

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Added 11 June 2009

Research Scientist Position at Xerox Research Centre Europe
Added 10 June 2009

Postdoc position at Xerox
Added 3 June 2009

Postdoctoral Position, Kings College London
Added 28 May 2009

Post-doc position at INRIA (LEAR team)
Added 14 May 2009

Funded PhD position in machine learning - University of Saint-Etienne (France)
Added 12 May 2009

PhD Position in Machine Translation and Speech Understanding (starting 09/09)
Added 11 May 2009

Research Scientist position - XEROX Research Centre Europe - Grenoble, France
Added 11 May 2009

Funded PhD post in data mining / machine learning - University of Bristol
Added 16 April 2009

3 PhD positions in Natural Language Processing and Visualization
Added 8 April 2009

PhD Studentship in Machine Learning
Added 7 April 2009

Open PhD position in Machine Learning and Vision (Switzerland)
Added 2 April 2009

PhD position in Machine Learning & Robotics, TU Berlin
Added 30 March 2009

Lectureships in Statistical Inference & Multi-Modal Interaction
Added 17 March 2009

PhD in Machine Learning/Computational Photography
Added 13 March

RA position in Sheffield: probabilistic modelling in Systems Biology
Added 13 March 2009

Faculty job in Machine Learning at the University of Edinburgh
Added 17 February 2009

Researcher positions at NCSR "Demokritos", Athens, Greece
Added 16 February 2009

Postdoctoral Fellowships in Robotics and Adaptive Control @ Edinburgh, UK
Added 26 January 2009

PostDoc on road traffic datamining at Mines ParisTech
Added 16 January 2009

Fully Funded PhD Studentship in Systems Biology
Added 5 January 2009

Post doctoral position in Machine Learning 2009, Paris
Added 23 December 2008

Postdoctoral position in Brain Computer Interfaces
Added 23 December 2008

Open positions in Machine Learning, Lille (France)
Added 16 December 2008

Postdoc Openings in Non-Invasive BCI at EPFL
Added 11 December 2008

PhD Scholarship in Non-Invasive BCI at EPFL
Added 11 December 2008

Master/PhD position at INRIA Grenoble / ETH Zurich
Added 10 December 2008

Post doctoral position in Machine Learning/Cognitive Vision/CBIR
Added 10 December 2008

Junior Research Groups (W1/W2), Saarland University, Saarbruecken
Added 4 December 2008

Two Post-Doc Positions Available at Univ. Paris-Sud
Added 28 November 2008

One Research Fellow Position Available at RSISE@ANU
Added 20 November 2008

PhD student positions in Helsinki on mining and learning networks
Added 20 November 2008

PhD Student / Postdoctoral Researcher in Machine Learning, Image Processing, Saarland University
Added 20 November 2008

Ph.D. position in Brain Computer Interaction, University of Glasgow
Added 17 November 2008

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL: Faculty Position in Machine Learning/Statistics
Added 9 November 2008

Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, UCL 4 year PhD Programme
Added 18 October 2008

Research Openings at Telefonica Research in Madrid, Spain
Added 24 September 2008