Press Releases

Press Releases

Lost and Found
26 November 2012

Ghana Moves Up In Computer Application Systems
1 March 2011

Ghana has joined the ranks of privileged few countries that apply artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that aims to create the intelligence in machines and computers to mimic human behaviour...more

Scientists piece together EU media structure
9 December 2010

How influential is the media in shaping the news agenda in EU Member States? Very, say EU-funded researchers, who evaluated more than 1 million news articles in 22 languages to identify the factors that make this impact felt. The study, the first mega content analysis of cross-linguistic text using artificial intelligence tools, is presented in the journal PLoS ONE...more

GREAT08 Challenge mentioned in 'Big Science for the Big Society' RAS booklet
July 2010

An article about Sarah Bridle, who led the GREAT08 team is featured on p15 of the Royal Astronomical Society booklet...more

Bats recognize the individual voices of other bats
5 June 2009

Bats can use the characteristics of other bats' voices to recognize each other, according to a study by researchers from the University of Tuebingen, Germany and the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany. The study, published June 5 in the open-access journal PLoS Computational Biology, explains how bats use echolocation for more than just spatial knowledge...more

The Great Cosmic Challenge
28 October 2008

Today cosmologists are challenging the world to solve a compelling statistical problem, to bring us closer to understanding the nature of dark matter and energy which makes up 95 per cent of the ‘missing’ universe. The GRavitational lEnsing Accuracy Testing 2008 (GREAT08) PASCAL Challenge is being set by 38 scientists across 19 international institutions, with the aim of enticing other researchers to crack it by 30 April 2009...more

SVM Technology Wins NSF-Sponsored Challenge at the World Congress for Computational Intelligence 2008
12 June 2008

Health Discovery Corporation (OTCBB: HDVY), a leader in support vector machine (SVM) based molecular diagnostics development today announced that Yin Wen Chang, a student of Chih-Jen Lin from the National Taiwan University, distinguished herself in the first causality challenge organized for the World Congress on Computational Intelligence, WCCI 2008, which was held in Hong Kong, June 1-6, 2008...more

PASCAL E-Prints page recommended in the Machine Vision field
8 January 2006

In the dim past—October 2002 to be precise—Jon Titus reported that he typed "machine vision" into a search engine and got 150,000 hits. Type that same phrase into a search engine today, and you'll get millions of hits. Since you probably don't have time to visit them all, here are a few sites that really stand out...more

Picture This - Automatic Image Categorisation
2 May 2005
Creating, storing and transmitting visual images has become increasingly easy. Yet the same problem always arises – how to categorise or classify visual images automatically without using external metadata or image thumbnails? There now may be an answer...more