Open positions at K.U. Leuven

Open positions at K.U. Leuven

Posted by Rebecca Martin on Wed, 03/08/2011 - 10:56

The machine learning group of the department of computer science of K.U.Leuven has several open positions for PhD students and post-docs, amongst others in the context of the projects
- ERC Starting Grant "MiGraNT: Mining Graphs and Networks, a Theory-based approach",
- KULeuven OT project "Probabilistic structured models: learning from large-scale hybrid domains",
- FWO project "learning from data originating from evolution",

We are especially looking for candidates interested in one of the following topics:
- Learning the structure of graphical models and probabilistic logical models
- Efficient inference for probabilistic logical models
- Learning in large graphs
- Learning from data originating from evolution
- Learning from processes in relational domains
- Probabilistic logical models for computational biology
- Transfer learning
- Decision support in intensive care
- Chemoinformatics and proteomics

A more detailed description of the topics can be found on

The ideal candidate will possess a master degree in computer science, AI, or a closely related discipline, a strong background in computer science and mathematics, a scientific attitude and the ability to reason through problems, excellent programming skills, the ability to communicate written and orally in English in a clear and precise manner, a pro-active and independent attitude as well as the ability to function well in a team environment and a strong motivation.

Interested candidates should apply before August 24th to receive full
consideration, by following the instructions at