AI&SOCIETY - 15/11/2021

How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

Technology powers most of what we do today. Learning about technology empowers us to become even better, as we will understand what is going on behind the scenes, and even join them, to contribute and eventually, make a living out of it. 

One of the ways that technology has been implemented today is to bring us ease of use through applications, like this app,, which allows users to place bets on sports.

Another thing that is very important in today’s world, that is working unnoticed by most people, almost all the time, is artificial intelligence. 

One could say that working on artificial intelligence is a guaranteed way of finding work in the future. Most people don’t know where to start, as it is a broad topic. Well, here are some pointers.

Learning from the Best – Google, Stanford, NVidia

If one wants to learn about AI, it is good to start strong. There are plenty of courses available on AI and that in itself is a problem. Today, we are bombarded with information, not all of which is good, nor that useful to us. Some of it can be harmful (think medical information).

This is why starting off with the right sources is the best thing to do. Namely, there are three courses to consider.

Visit Google to find their AI course, a relatively new course that teaches people about artificial intelligence, as well as TensorFlow, much needed if one is to work with AI. Find them here.

Stanford University often has courses that are later released to the public. The site Coursera has plenty of such courses, free and available to the public at their disposal. One such course teaches about AI and is taught by none other than Andrew Ng, the founder of Google Brain. Find the course here.

Lastly, Nvidia has played and is still playing a major hand in AI development, so you might want to consider learning from them. Their course is more specific and teaches about computer vision, or rather, how to use computers to recognize visual information, similarly to how we humans do. You can find the course here.

Background Skills That Help with AI

Just learning about AI is pretty difficult unless one does not have knowledge of mathematics, specifically statistics, as well as computer science. Getting further education on those topics will accelerate your own learning and understanding of machine learning. Learning about the history of AI is probably unnecessary, but recommended to better understand how we arrived at what we have today.

Looking Forward – Mobile Devices

AI technology is going to be implemented into mobile devices sooner or later. This is where people who have experience with wearable accessories, sensors, cloud computing, parallel workloads and more, will be needed. One should always look to the future, but learn from the past. In this case, both are recommended.

Learning about AI technology is a challenge, but it can be done. Starting off with some background in mathematics and computer science, then learning from a couple of high quality courses, one will already be on their way to understanding AI, much better than they would by learning from randomized sources.

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