AI&SOCIETY - 18/12/2021

5 Movies That Explore the Idea of AI

The words artificial intelligence have been heard too many times in recent years. The most common place that you hear AI being mentioned in the world of mobile phones. Smartphones try to make the most of AI, mostly in the optimization of the cameras and photo and video processing.

AIs have been the talk lately, and even when they have not been in the limelight. There are many mentions of AI in popular culture. Let us look at some movies that explore the world of artificial intelligence.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Ok, this movie is a masterpiece for more reasons than one. The reasons have to do with the artistic and practical genius of Stanley Kubrick. This movie depicts a journey into space, with the help of an AI, called HAL 9000. HAL is a different beast than your everyday AI. It has some of its own conclusions, which are obviously conflicting with the crewmen of the Discovery One. 

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Nothing beats a Terminator movie, particularly the second in the franchise, often thought of as the best. It is the movie to go to if you want to learn about the possibilities of an AI gone rogue, or rather, what happens if you consider the worst case scenario with AI development.

Skynet dislikes humans and wants them enslaved or killed, depending on their stance. It even has killer robots which it sends back in time. The robots have living tissue over a metal endoskeleton, and are prone to making great one-liner jokes. 

The Matrix

Not the fourth Matrix, mind you, but the first movie, the one released in 1999, which brought about the leather jacket and black coat renaissance. Everybody wanted to wear glasses, even at night, learn limbo dancing and put bullet time and slow motion into their video games.

The Matrix is a movie which explores our reality and how much of that reality is fictional. Naturally, this world has a lot to do with artificial intelligence and you can say it plays a part in this reality/fiction dilemma.

Minority Report

This movie deals with AI indirectly, or rather, it deals with AI in the sense how we deal with AI nowadays, by using a lot of data. In Minority Report, there is a protective force called PreCrime, which deals with preventing crime by arresting people prior to them committing a crime. This is problematic on multiple levels, moral and philosophical grounds, as well as regular old human liberty. Predictive models are interesting and helpful, but when they are used for tyrannical purposes.

Star Wars

One might overlook Star Wars in regards to AI, but that would mean disregarding all the androids and robots that are in the movie, C3PO and R2D2, the iconic characters. The Star Wars franchise deals with AI, but in a more lighthearted way compared to the other movies on the list, which are a lot more pessimistic towards AI.

AI is a great topic and it has been covered in many forms. These are the best movies to watch if you want to see more of AI.

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