EVERYDAY LIFE - 11/01/2022

Siri Vs Alexa: Which AI App Should You Use?

Today, we live our lives relying on technology for most of our needs. Whether we are entertaining ourselves by browsing the internet, reading and learning about bonus codes like this LVbet Bonus Code, or watching TV shows, we rely on technology to help us get there.

However, not all technology is equal. AI assistants have become a lot more popular than they were in the past, with all large companies having their own versions of an assistant which is supposed to feel like talking to a person. Google has its Assistant, while Apple has Siri and Amazon has Alexa.

Siri and Alexa are an interesting pair to compare. Which one should you be using if you want a good AI assistant? The answer is not simple, because they are tied to different devices and ecosystems.

Siri is an Apple Product

This is a very important thing to note. Siri works great with most Apple services and devices, because it is primarily an Apple product. This is problematic if you want a service outside Apple’s own ecosystem. For example, Siri cannot play anything through any other music provider other than Apple Music. 

However, within the Apple product domain, you will not find a better assistant, built to deal with all of Apple’s devices. Interestingly enough, of the three major assistants, Siri has the widest availability. Apple has done a good job of making Siri be able to understand multiple languages, the most out of any assistant. In comparison, Alexa understands two languages, English and German. 

Alexa Works With Other Products, But…

Unlike Siri, Alexa can summon other services to help you, like Deezer, Tidal, Spotify and even Apple Music, but it cannot work with Google’s music services. This all has to do with partnerships and competition. Alexa is good at interacting with other devices meant to be used in the smart home. It is a good assistant, but it also has its own trade offs. Alexa is great when it comes to device compatibility, though availability is limited, particularly if you are not good at English or German.

Alexa is pretty good at voice commands and understanding your particular voice, after a while. However, Alexa is not the best at navigation, nor it is that good at instructions, even though it can suffice. Its integration into Android phones requires more fiddling, but it can work through a more thorough setup.

It Depends on the Ecosystem

Whether you go for Siri or Alexa really shouldn’t be a decision to make based on what they can do, but rather, whether any of these AIs fit into your already existing ecosystem. If your system is primarily oriented though devices which are Alexa compatible, then getting Apple devices will make things worse, and vice versa. 

If you are building a Google home, one where the Assistant will be the best assistant to use, then using Siri or Alexa will leave you at a disadvantage. Focus on which assistant will be the most useful to the ecosystem that you already have. It is always good to read the small print prior to purchasing any device.

All assistants are useful in their own way, but their usefulness depends on multiple factors, partly the ecosystem that you are building or already have.

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